Q: How does this project fit into the overall traffic improvements planned for Mission Valley?

A: The Friars Road/163 interchange and surrounding intersections are set to undergo major improvements that involve federal, state and local agencies. Phase I includes the widening of Friars and Frazee roads, for which Hazard Center will donate a portion of the necessary land.

East-west throughput capacity along Friars Road will benefit greatly from this widening and the improved coordination of traffic signals. The efficiency of the Friars/Frazee intersection will be significantly increased, as will other major intersections in the interchange area. Phase II improvements will largely improve freeway access and on- and off-ramps. The proposal does not exceed the traffic allowances in the MVCP and FSDRIP Specific Plan. In the plan, the movie theater will be removed along with its vehicle trips and parking needs.

Q: Where will the new residents park?

A: New and existing reserved and covered underground parking spaces will be dedicated to the residents. It will be located within the existing footprint, in proximity to the residential buildings. Approximately 450 new parking spaces will be added onsite.

Q: Is there sufficient parking for the 473 proposed residential units and the expansion of the retail center?

A: The proposed plan designates 665 parking spaces for the 473 residential units. That figure is consistent with the City of San Diego’s General Plan and Municipal Code. As a mixed-use development, Hazard Center will continue to operate on what is called a shared parking analysis. This takes into account that of the 795 parking spaces dedicated to the office building, a majority will be available for retail or residential uses on nights and weekends.