Q: What is the vision of the Hazard Center revitalization?

A: The new Hazard Center will create a modern, environmentally responsible urban neighborhood that includes a variety of housing options, new park space, and an improved pedestrian-friendly environment ideally located along existing transit corridors. The essence of our project remains to assure the long-term viability of Hazard Center as a place to work, shop, eat, dine, live and play.

Q: Where is the Project located?

A:The project is located in Mission Valley, entirely within the footprint of the existing Hazard Center. The center is east of State Highway 163, west of Mission Center Road, with Friars Road to the north and Hazard Center Drive and the San Diego River to the south.

Q: Will there be added traffic from the new housing?

A: A central component of our planning is to minimize the impact from adding residential units, by removing the existing movie theater at Hazard Center. Our proposal does not add any new average daily trips (ADTs) beyond what is already approved in the Mission Valley Community Plan.

Q: What makes this project unique?

A: The new Hazard Center is an ideal example of the “City of Villages” concept of a vertical infill, mixed-use development along a linear transportation corridor. It will be a sustainable urban design that incorporates the best elements of smart growth, environmental sensitivity and transit-oriented planning.

Q: What is transit-oriented planning?

A: The City of San Diego’s transit-oriented development design guidelines state, “the transit-oriented development (TOD) concept is simple: moderate and high-density housing, along with complementing public uses, jobs, retail and services, are concentrated in mixed-use developments located at strategic points along the regional transit system.” San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has identified the area including Hazard Center as one of these “strategic points” by designating it as an “urban center” in its smart growth targets.

Q: How will the project contribute to an enhanced quality of life within the Mission Valley community?

A: The revitalization and re-investment in Hazard Center will create a modern urban lifestyle community. Traffic congestion will be improved, park space will be increased, community living space will be added, and a more pedestrian-friendly environment will be designed. It will improve access to the trolley and the San Diego River.

Q: How will the City of San Diego benefit from this project?

A: Hazard Center’s renovation and reinvestment will provide enormous financial benefits, including millions of dollars in new tax revenue for the City of San Diego. That money can be used for needed infrastructure improvements, added park space, and improved police and fire service access.

Significant economic benefits of the project for the City of San Diego are generation of:

More than $43,000,000 in property taxes over a 20-year period
More than $200,000,000 in sales tax over a 20-year period
More than $14,000,000 in development fees for the City
An estimated 1,417 direct construction jobs and an estimated 600 sustained retail jobs
More than $6,000,000 in labor intensive consulting fees